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Purely Pisces
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I hope no one minds this. The last thing I'd want to do is spam the… 
24th-Aug-2009 07:37 pm
I hope no one minds this. The last thing I'd want to do is spam the community! But things here have been a bit quiet recently, and I just thought a few of you might appreciate this.

I've basically been on the hunt for the 'perfect' representation of the Pisces symbol for, well, years. ONE of these days - when I get the money and the courage - I would like to get it tattooed somewhere. And I'd just like to have it on some clothing, or something too. I'm usually drawn to the simple Pisces glyph (the back-to-back crescent shapes) FAR more than the Fishes, but... my best friend, an incredibly talented graphic designer, has recently started up Zazzle & CafePress stores. Whenever inspiration hits, he sits down and creates a new design and pops it up on his stores. He has some interesting ideas, and a great eye for design.

Anyway, to the point - he had an idea for a Zodiac line, which was highly encouraged by me, and he decided today to start with Pisces. I felt so honored. :) I'm silly, I know.

Well, long story short (okay, not short, but maybe shortER), I've fallen in absolute LOVE with this design. It's the best take on the Pisces Fish I've ever seen. It incorporates the glyph, the colors, Neptune, the constellation... it's brilliant and beautiful.

I just thought since I was so drawn to it, so enamored, that some of my fellow Pisceans might be too!

Check it out, hope you enjoy. :) He'll be working on the other 11 signs shortly, starting with ...Virgo & Taurus, I think. So if you know anyone who might like them, tell them to keep an eye out?


Note: The design is on several items, not just the shirt. If you'd rather just a little pin, or a tote bag or whatever... it's on them all!
positive, happy
25th-Aug-2009 04:05 am (UTC)
THAT is VERY cool!
I am going to get a pisces tattoo also... I'm just waiting till I have the spare $$.

I'm getting the fishes in my icon.
25th-Aug-2009 04:06 am (UTC)
That's a gorgeous picture, kudos to him!! If I wasn't so poor at the moment, I'd be in for one - maybe after my next paycheck :P Thanks for sharing that!
25th-Aug-2009 01:34 pm (UTC)
So gorgeous! I think that colour blue is a Pisces trap, haha.

Someday I'm getting a Pisces tattoo on my feet...probably at the knuckle under the big toe. I want the crescent symbol, but half on each foot so when I put them together it makes the whole symbol. I kind of want to dress it up a little but I'm not sure how yet.
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