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30th-Aug-2010 11:57 am - September Pisces
Hey all. Just put up fresh horoscopes for September. Videos and written. Here's Pisces:

Monthly Pisces Horoscope

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(x-post. Sorry to anyone effected).
Have you been toiling away earnestly at the
exhausting homework that life has dumped on you this past year? Have
you kept the faith even when you've been fooled and confused? Have you
applied yourself with a pure heart to the maddening details and puzzling
riddles you've been asked to master? If you've been less than
conscientious at doing these tasks, the next two months will bring you a
series of tricky final exams. But if you *have* been doing your due
diligence, then you're on the brink of graduating from boring old problems
that you have been studying and studying and studying for a long time.
Do we dare hope that you will soon be free of a history that has repeated
itself ad nauseam? Yes, I think we do dare.

As ass-tastic as my life is currently I'm guessing I missed some lesson somewhere along the way.
Peacock Earrings
24th-Aug-2009 07:37 pm(no subject)
I hope no one minds this. The last thing I'd want to do is spam the community! But things here have been a bit quiet recently, and I just thought a few of you might appreciate this.

I've basically been on the hunt for the 'perfect' representation of the Pisces symbol for, well, years. ONE of these days - when I get the money and the courage - I would like to get it tattooed somewhere. And I'd just like to have it on some clothing, or something too. I'm usually drawn to the simple Pisces glyph (the back-to-back crescent shapes) FAR more than the Fishes, but... my best friend, an incredibly talented graphic designer, has recently started up Zazzle & CafePress stores. Whenever inspiration hits, he sits down and creates a new design and pops it up on his stores. He has some interesting ideas, and a great eye for design.

Anyway, to the point - he had an idea for a Zodiac line, which was highly encouraged by me, and he decided today to start with Pisces. I felt so honored. :) I'm silly, I know.

Well, long story short (okay, not short, but maybe shortER), I've fallen in absolute LOVE with this design. It's the best take on the Pisces Fish I've ever seen. It incorporates the glyph, the colors, Neptune, the constellation... it's brilliant and beautiful.

I just thought since I was so drawn to it, so enamored, that some of my fellow Pisceans might be too!

Check it out, hope you enjoy. :) He'll be working on the other 11 signs shortly, starting with ...Virgo & Taurus, I think. So if you know anyone who might like them, tell them to keep an eye out?


Note: The design is on several items, not just the shirt. If you'd rather just a little pin, or a tote bag or whatever... it's on them all!
positive, happy
19th-Jul-2009 12:22 am - Intro

I stumbled upon this community and thought it was fun so I joined.
My son and I are both pisces which is exciting for me (I have this thought that one day he'll think it's a badass idea to get a fish each tattooed on us so when we hold our (insert body part) together it forms the fish symbol. My sister thinks by the time he's able to get tattooed he'll think it lame! :)

Does anyone else have a pisces child and is themselves a pisces? 
I'm engaged to a Leo. We've been together for four years and we've gone through hell and back but we're recovering and hoping for the best! 

Also if you're looking for more lj friends add away! I love learning about new people!
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): If a cow is given a name by her owner, she generates more milk than a cow that's treated as an anonymous member of the herd. That's the conclusion of a study done by researchers at Newcastle University in the UK. "Placing more importance on knowing the individual animals and calling them by name," said Dr. Catherine Douglas, "can significantly increase milk production." Building on that principle, Pisces, I suggest that you give everything in your world names, including (but not limited to) houseplants, insects, cars, appliances, and trees. Of course this is always a good idea, because it enhances your connection with all of creation. But it's an especially smart approach now, when getting more up-close and personal should be your specialty.

This is going to sound depressing, but this horoscope sounds to me like a sure-fire way for me to get even more attached and therefore more sad and anxious, about the loss of said named thing in the future.
Patchwork Pisces
13th-Feb-2009 01:13 pm - The Pisces Enigma
I recently ordered the book "The Pisces Enigma" by Jane Ridder-Patrick and just want to say that I highly recommend it to all my fellow fishy's out there ;)

10th-Feb-2009 11:54 pm - Free Will Astrology [free will astrology]
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): We're faced with an economic downturn as well as the need to take strenuous measures to heal the environment. Does that mean we have to dial down our pursuit of happiness? Are we obligated to have less fun and deny ourselves pleasure? I say no, as do the editors at TreeHugger.com. One of their articles, for example, gives extensive advice on how to have great sex in small, fuel-efficient, low-emissions cars. With this as your inspiration, Pisces, identify five other ways to enjoy yourself without having to spend a fortune or hurt the earth. It's an excellent time, astrologically speaking, to experiment with the hypothesis that cutting down on consumerism can help you discover new approaches to feeling really good. (For other ideas, check out tinyurl.com/6ofzvt.)
Patchwork Pisces
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): A column in the *Washington Post* called "The Style Invitational" has identified the "Top 10 New Religions." I'm calling your attention to two that might be attractive to you in the coming months, a time when you'll probably have urges to transform and expand upon your spiritual practices. First, there are the Oxymormons, who engage in polygamous monogamy. The second group is the Salivationists. They speak in tongues like some other sects, but they also speak in drool. A third option, of course, is for you to whip up your own brand new, totally unique religion using just the parts you really like from all of the other traditions. However you do it, Pisces, I encourage you to be playfully creative as you get more disciplined about your relationship with the Divine Wow.

Ok, from now on I will totally be using the phrase "Divine Wow"...
Pisces - Batik
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Describing his writing class at Sarah Lawrence College, Jeffrey McDaniel says: "There are two kinds of humor: ha-ha humor that is light and airy and floats into the sky like a balloon, vanishing as the giggling subsides; and then there is a darker, heavier humor that is still there when the laughter stops, a humor that must be reckoned with, a humor with teeth." I suggest, Pisces, that you make the latter your specialty, your passion, and your medicine. Consort with belly laughs and sublime guffaws that rouse the ferocity you need in order to penetrate deeper into the heart of the Great Mystery.
Patchwork Pisces
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): In the sci-fi film *The Matrix,* a small band of people have managed to escape from the collective hallucination that most of their fellow humans are stuck inside. Though life is hard staying free, there are some perks. They can, for instance, get downloads of data directly into their brains that allow them to quickly master complex tasks. In this way, the heroine, Trinity, learns to fly a helicopter in a few minutes. I call your attention to these fictional events, Pisces, because I think you're close to pulling off real-life accomplishments that resemble them. First, you're in an excellent position to slip away from certain illusions that enslave some of the people around you. Second, you have an enormous power to rapidly understand new information and acquire new skills.
Peacock Earrings
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): If you knew how perfect a time it is for you
to dance the forbidden dance, you would begin immediately. You would
break out the sexy, world-in-upheaval grooves you sometimes slip into
during your ecstatic flying dreams. You would unleash the words that
have never been spoken, crack the codes that have never been broken,
and give the love that has previously been verboten. Please, dear Pisces,
have faith in your ability to thrive in the wild frontier where many of the
rules are negotiable and every fantasy is ripe to be mutated. Halloween
costume suggestion: the dancer who dances the forbidden dance.
Halloween - Lenore
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Blessings will come if you cultivate as much stillness as possible. I'm not just talking about reducing the noise levels, although that's a good first step. Other things you might want to do: Cut way down on your use of the phone; text-message sparingly; surf the Internet 70 percent less than usual; avoid watching TV news altogether; and don't hang around people whose minds zip around like chimps on meth. As for your own monkey mind: See if you can enjoy some periods each day when the monkey gets to lie down in a soft place and watch the wide sky roll by.
Party Glow
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): "Dear Rob: If you were, like me, setting out on a ten-year project to become a beautiful truth-teller, having the simple goal of actually expressing the things that Everyone Ought To Say But Doesn't, what would you do? Other than to bother your favorite truth-tellers for advice, of course! - Aspiring Fount of Truth." Dear Aspiring Fount: In its highest expression, the Piscean style of telling the truth is ripe with emotional intelligence and a deep thoughtfulness that's devoted to staying focused on the big picture. One of the best ways to increase your mastery of this approach is to regularly tell yourself the truth about yourself with kick-ass kindness.
Pisces - Batik
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Two friends of mine, a couple engaged to be wed, rode their bicycles for days up the Northern California coast from San Francisco to Oregon. They saw many other riders pedaling from north to south during their trip, but they rarely encountered anyone heading in the same direction they were. Why? The wind was blowing against them the entire way. When they stopped to rest they would sometimes meet and talk with bicyclists whose destination was San Francisco. "Why are you riding against the wind?" the other travelers inevitably wanted to know. My friends enjoyed replying, "We're building our characters so we'll be strong enough to stay in love after we're married." They're your role models for the coming weeks, Pisces. Do some against-the-wind work to prepare yourself for your next big assignment, which is to make your intimate relationships more interesting and invigorating and enduring.
Patchwork Pisces
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): In her book *Zen Miracles,* Brenda Shoshanna defines the "shadow" as being the unacceptable aspects of ourselves that we dump into our unconscious minds. As we avoid looking at that hidden stuff, it festers. Meanwhile, we project it onto people we know, imagining that they possess the qualities we're repressing. The antidote to this problem, says Shoshanna, is to "eat our shadow" -- haul it up from out of the pit and develop a conscious connection with it. Doing so not only prevents our unacknowledged darkness from haunting our thoughts and distorting our relationships; it also liberates tremendous psychic energy. I'm telling you this, Pisces, because it's an excellent time to eat your shadow.
Patchwork Pisces
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): The world's oldest penises are 400 million years old. Discovered in Scotland in 2001, they're part of the fossilized remains of an arachnid species known as daddy longlegs. In reporting their find, the paleontologists marveled that the reproductive organ was two-thirds the size of the entire creature. Let's make this ancient genital a power symbol for you, Pisces. (If you prefer, you can focus on the 400-million-year-old daddy longlegs' vaginas that were also found.) I hope it inspires you to think back to the time when your sexual desires first began to stir. The future of your intimate relationships will benefit from you reconnecting to the primal purity of your original erotic urges.
Patchwork Pisces
1st-Jul-2008 09:43 pm - Free Will Astrology [free will astrology]
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): What are the differences between tacky, meaningless fun and beautiful, constructive fun? What are the distinctions between dumb, trivial pleasure and smart, life-exalting pleasure? I'm hoping that meditations on these subjects will inspire you to overcome any laziness you might have about cultivating happiness. It's a perfect time for you to attempt this monumental accomplishment, you see. You're at a potential turning point in your astrological cycle, a time when you could get in the habit of treating your hero's journey as if it were an ever-evolving celebration.
Patchwork Pisces
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): It's Blame All Your Problems on God Week. You have license to shun responsibility for the pain you feel and the messes you've made, and instead ascribe it all to the Divine Mischief Maker. The secret of achieving success in this enterprise is to act as if your dilemmas really do have nothing to do with anything you've done, but have been entirely caused by God's mistakes, his intentional cruelty, or his wicked sense of humor. By the way, Accept Total Responsibility for Your Problems Week is coming up next, and to observe that holiday correctly you will have to be thoroughly sincere about this week's.

P.S. It's crucial that you really do blame everything on God, and not on actual human beings.

P.P.S. If you're an atheist, it's Blame All Your Problems on Your Parents Week.

So, as an agnostic can I blame half of my problems on god and the other half on my parents?
Patchwork Pisces
2nd-Jun-2008 06:22 pm - Today's Horoscope...
Daily Extended Forecast for June 02, 2008
Provided by Astrology.comDaily

The greatest thing about the energy you'll be feeling today is that it will give you all the focus you need to take the most complicated ideas and make them simple enough for anyone to understand. That makes today a wonderful day for teaching people things or showing someone how to do something. You are a born teacher, although you rarely get the chance to play that role to your full potential. You can communicate with others in a way no one else can.

"They say she's a Pisces, I heard they are fiesty"... Are we really as fiesty as people think we are?
28th-May-2008 10:38 am - Today's Horoscope...
Daily Extended Forecast for May 28, 2008
Provided by Astrology.com 

Your mind is extremely sharp today, and it is eager to organize! Now don't go out of your way to look for chaotic situations, but you should by all means welcome new ideas, changes in plans, and new additions to the schedule. Get ready to start one of the most challenging and rewarding phases of life that you have had in a very long time. This is a powerful time for collaboration, too. So if anyone out there wants to pitch in on your projects, you should let them!
Today's question: Which sun sign to do you NOT get along with?
27th-May-2008 06:43 pm - Today's horoscope
Daily Extended Forecast for May 27, 2008
Provided by Astrology.com

A person from your past will come back into your life today, and their transformation will be remarkable -- but not necessarily in a good way. Give them the benefit of the doubt and do not jump to conclusions about what has caused the changes that you are seeing. You yourself have changed probably more than you realize -- so accept the fact that people don't stay the same. Give them a chance to re-introduce themselves to you. Keep an open mind.

Today's question for the day... how have you yourself changed?
23rd-May-2008 12:07 pm(no subject)
This horoscope, from my favorite astrologer, Caeriel Crestin (Sign Language), really kicked my ass this week. I'm in my last month of the quarter at school and was feeling so overwhelmed that I just shut down and started watching a bunch of television instead of doing the things I was supposed to do. I have worked really hard to get to where I am -- after several years of part-time community college I am in my first quarter at a good four-year university. This made me wake up and realize that I needed to check myself before I wrecked myself.

Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20)

Laziness, reluctance to be embarrassed, and excessive caution are your worst enemies right now. You can pretend there are outside factors, but really you're the only one holding you back right now. There's no easy, perfectly safe way to get what you want. You quite simply have to go out on a limb and make some real effort. You need to risk humiliation and try with all your might. Anything less and you might as well just give up and go home. Do that, though, and don't expect ever to be invited back. Chances are you'd get the door slammed in your face the next time you came around.

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23rd-May-2008 01:35 pm - And Today's Horoscope says...
Daily Extended Forecast for May 23, 2008
Provided by Astrology.comDaily Teen Forecast 

Let someone else be the sensible leader while you spend some time on the wackier side of things for a while. Your conservative side has been in power for a long time -- so today, it's time to let your wild child out! You need a vacation from organization, a break from the staid stuff of life, and an overall mood renovation. Today, re-visit your childhood and give yourself permission to stop taking things so seriously! The big things in life will iron themselves out eventually.

Question for the day: What's your dream job?

You know us Pisces are always dreaming! 
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): A professional dominatrix I know says that many of her clients are men whose jobs give them excessive authority over other people. When she's bossing around these honchos, she sees herself as an agent of karmic correction, counteracting a dangerous lopsidedness in their psyches. I bring this up, Pisces, because you're in a phase when you should rectify any imbalance of power that exists in your own sphere. If you're a swaggering alpha male or female, put in a stint as a humble servant. If you're normally a timid soul, flex your willpower with feisty abandon. If you're neither a control freak nor a doormat -- and thus have no karma to balance -- spend quality time meditating on how to gain more power over the wild ebbs and flows of your imagination.
Patchwork Pisces
19th-May-2008 01:48 pm - Horoscope and Question of the Day...
Daily Extended Forecast for May 19, 2008
Provided by Astrology.comDaily Teen Forecast 

The universe is finally giving you the green light to proceed with your plans -- even if doing so requires you to skip over the authority figures in your life! Their ideas are not as valuable to you right now as the ideas from your peers, so listen to them instead. Closely observe the people who are at your level. What are they doing, and how are they doing it? You will learn from their mistakes -- and more importantly, you'll gain insight from their successes.

Who or what inspires you?
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